Light for Life believes in long term sustainable projects which should provide benevolent relief to widows and orphans who are left behind when the bread-earner of a family has died due to any act of violence and terrorism. Socio-economic research and surveys substantiate the fact that such violence has a deep and long-lasting impact on the family’s ability to lead a meaningful life in a vibrant and inclusive society.
Therefore we have initially started projects specifically focussing on Pakistan due to increasing incidents of terrorism and violence which has had a major impact on lives of people in Pakistan.

Family Sponsorship

For Orphans And Widows

In many situations the surviving family members have no means of income and it is very difficult for them to become self-reliant due to various factors such as children being young and the widows either being uneducated or full-time housewives.
Therefore this sponsorship program will provide a monthly stipend to affected families. This stipend will cover expenses like basic utility bills, rents and rations and other daily expenses. The monthly subscription for this fund ranges from €45 to €110, which is a calculated average depending on the family size.
Please let us know by filling the contact us form, if you have any queries or concerns with regards to family adoption project.
To donate monthly, other than the bank transfer or handing cash on monthly basis, you can also setup a standing order, which is an instruction to make payments from your account, usually on a regular monthly basis.



Medical Fund

For the Victims Effected by Aggression, Violence and Terrorism

Even in the event of survival as a result of any act of violence and terrorism, the affected person undergoes lot of mental trauma and physical injuries which lead to a miserable life especially in case of loss of any limbs or organs. In Pakistan like any other developing country, it is impossible for a poor family to cope up with the high cost of medical treatment due to absence of a welfare system. Sometimes due to lack of resources the injured and sick cannot even travel to medical facilities, let alone affording good quality healthcare.
Through our affiliates, we work on schemes to ensure that a reasonable quality healthcare is provided to affected individual or family in multiple locations across Pakistan including the cost of travelling if required.
We urge you to contribute in this important cause to provide good health care to survivors so that they can strengthen their abilities and once again become a productive member of the society.